Product Lines


Innovation meets conservation in the design and manufacture of our products. Where we can, we use recycled materials while maintaining the highest quality and functionality. Our LED products provide high quality light with optimal energy efficiency, lifespan, and durability.

  • Utilizing directional luminaires in lighting design can add a tremendous amount of texture, contrast and interest. Holm lighting provides a highly efficient LED directional fixture for virtually any outdoor application.

  • Our LED area luminaires offer safe illumination for walkways and create ambiance to highlight landscape and hardscape features along the way. Choose from a wide array of styles in metal and powder coat finishes to complement any setting.

  • Our LED surface-mounted luminaires provide endless opportunities to efficiently highlight architectural walls and materials. They can also serve practical purposes when mounted above tables and seating areas.

  • Incorporate Holm recessed luminaires in your design to increase safety, define perimeters and softly enhance architectual walls and stonework. Choose from a variety of styles to seamlessly integrate into any setting.

  • Holm pendant luminaires provide a gentle glow that mimics natural moonlight. Install above tables, walkways and seating to softly illuminate and highlight the area.

  • Our LED underwater luminaires were developed to provide efficient, versatile solutions for niche applications and specialized effects. They can also provide designers with new opportunities to enhance architectural details.

  • Bring the warmth of Holm in-grade luminaires into your design wherever you have a need for an unobtrusive fixture. In-grade fixtures are thoughtfully designed to blend into even the most popular areas with ease.

  • Choose from a wide array of control options: the ZDClink with zoning and dimming plus color, the robust ZDlink with zoning and dimming, or the PROlink multi-tap transformer.

  • Holm offers an assortment of fixture accessories to enhance your design. From various spikes and riser heights to mounting kits, lens options and more. There’s an accessory to make your vision a reality.